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    Enjoy the feeling of pure convenience through intuitive control. Control4’s smart home solutions create a comfortable and inviting living space that delivers energy-efficient climate control, practical management of your outside entertainment features and leisure areas, and easy communication with the whole family.

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    Customize your settings to your comfort level and create a schedule, with just a few taps on your phone or touchscreen, or simply with your voice.

    Integrate your existing HVAC, underfloor heating, dual fuel and geothermal systems with your new Control4 automation. You can regulate the temperature at the thermostat or with your touchscreen or smartphone. Seasonal adjustments can also be made by the system, in order to regulate the humidity and temperature. You can even light your fireplace while lying on the sofa.

    Motorized Blinds


    Allow the perfect amount of light in, or close up for complete privacy by easily raising, lowering or tilting individual window coverings, or a grouping of motorized blinds or shades.

    VANDOLPH Home Control Systems, has partnered with some of the world’s leading blind and shade manufacturers, such as Lutron, QMotion and Somfy, to bring you a seamless experience through manual controls, or the automated functions that work in conjunction with the lights and thermostat, in order to increase your energy efficiency.

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    Home Automation


    Why restrict convenience and control to your indoor areas? We certainly don’t. Surpass the boundaries of your home with the Control4 App. Turn on the heat in your jacuzzi or swimming pool, set the temperature or activate the jets. Lawn and garden care is made easy by automating your sprinkler system to respond to the weather conditions. It just can’t get more convenient, easy or smart.

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    PV Solar Systems

    Solar PV has a range of benefits. Systems focused primarily on savings (grid tied systems) immediately reduce your electricity bill pro rata to the size of the system you install. Back-up systems, which provide during power outages, provide clean, quiet, instant and environmentally friendly electricity when your utility lets you down. Hybrid solutions provide back-up with a measure of savings. The true benefit of Grid-tie Solar PV (focused on savings) is the fact that you are protected from future Eskom price increases. Any component of your electricity requirement covered by a solar system is in effect hedged against future tariff escalations. All indications are that South African electricity users are in transition from enjoying the lowest cost of electricity in the world ten years ago to becoming one of the highest payers.

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