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VANDOLPH Security: About Vandolph

VANDOLPH SA specialize in Residential/Commercial/Industrial Alarm systems,about vandolph communications

with state of the art technology  - providing highest level of security and comfort.

We have been involved with multiple hidden surveillance project with excellent results as well as Street/Area Surveillance projects all over Gauteng. Our CCTV Surveillance incorporates Analog with HD, providing existing systems to be upgraded without having to replace any of the original equipment.

We are also in the upgrade and installation of security products for those with a higher demand of security. This included single or multi layer Electric Fence, Multi Layer Outdoor Security Detection as well as state of the art Burglar/armed robbery defense structures and devices.


Home Automation:

VANDOLPH carries years of experience in both Home Automation as well as Building Management systems, working only with top market products, and forming part of an elite group of companies, dedicated in providing the highest class of service and solutions in all sectors of the building industry. Our projects include Residential Homes, Commercial Offices as well as large factories/Hotels/Centrums.

About Vandolph SA Pty Ltd


We have dedicated technicians for TCP/IP | Wifi | 3G/4G/LTE network setup as well as backup support.

About Vandolph SA Pty Ltd