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Why VANDOLPH Security Solutions?Alarm Installer Hartebeespoort dam

Vandolph’s modern security systems can protect your property when you’re out.

More importantly, we can keep you and your family safe when you’re at home.

We install and monitor everything from simple burglar alarms and smoke detectors, to CCTV camera systems and full home automation packages.

We support a wide variety of brands and offer full service whether you have an existing system and are looking for better service levels, or would like a new system installed.

Why not Use the services of Non-Qualified Installers

When installation is poor, so is your security. It’s simply unavoidable.

And unfortunately far too many have unwittingly fallen trap to the dodgy, unlicensed installation of alarms and cameras. This means numerous false alarms, ineffectual monitoring or no follow-up maintenance. So the home security system you paid for? Well, it ends up just being an expensive sticker on your front door.

Using unlicensed and limited trained security service providers simply loses you money. a Few disadvantages

You forfeit top qualified support and experience- right from quoting and planning stages.

You forfeiting the initial purchase and installation cost.

Struggle to get Insurance lower premium cost

Struggling to get approval on your insurance claim due to incorrect installation and compliance standards of your Insurance provider.


Alarm Installer Hartebeespoort dam

So what are unlicensed and untrained security installers getting wrong?

In order to meet Compliance standards, an intruder alarm control equipment should be located within the alarmed area, located outside the entry/exit point and operate in dual end-of-line supervision. Unfortunately, the South African security industry is highly unregulated and filled with poorly trained or unlicensed professionals.

a South African security system survey found:

  • 19% of panels were located outside an alarmed area;
  • 16% were located within the entry/exit point and;
  • 46% of panels were incorrectly wired.

The poor and unprofessional installation of security systems can also result in burdensome and costly false alarms caused by everyday disturbances like curtains, winds and pets.

Alarm Installer Hartebeespoort dam

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Alarm Installer Hartebeespoort dam

Alarm Installer Hartebeespoort dam

Product We Use

Paradox  |  Magellan Paradox  |  Cytech Comfort Alarm Systems  |  Inim  |  DSC  |  IDS

Alarm Installer Hartebeespoort dam

Alarm Installer Hartebeespoort dam

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Alarm Installer Hartebeespoort dam

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