CCTV Installers

CCTV Installers

CCTV Installers


CCTV Installers CCTV Installers

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    Burglar Alarm Systems

    We install a variety of alarm systems i.e. indoor/outdoor, wired, wireless or a combination of all mentioned. Our preferred supplier for alarm systems is Paradox. A Canadian company with a history of being at the forefront of alarm technology and design. They also offer an extensive warranty on all their products and excellent after-sales service.

    Remote connectivity to your Home or Business security system is a must: Arm and Disarm the system, bypass zones and have an overview of your system and trouble conditions from the comfort of your Cellphone. With a Paradox alarm system, there is no need for more than one alarm – your home, cottage, outdoor zones and second dwelling can all be separately controlled from one panel.

    Tested With Your Safety In Mind

    Leading CCTV Installers CCTV Installers

    We take pride in the fact that we only use the industry’s leading technology for all our security needs. Our hand held remotes offer two-way communication, panic button features and the ability to control multiple alarm functions, using your alarm has never been this easy. Outdoor passive technology has enabled us to protect what you hold most dear – your family.
    CCTV Installers CCTV Installers

    CCTV Surveillance

    Are you not sure who is lying in wait outside your gate/garage? Money disappearing from the till? We install a wide variety of surveillance systems: from one camera, one monitor to full systems with embedded DVR and network connectivity. CCTV is increasingly being used not just as a deterrent to theft but also to record footage that can be used to identify a suspect in court.

    With equipment being more affordable than ever before even private users can install systems with recording capabilities and long range infra red views. Our preferred supplier is Hikvision for all CCTV needs.

    Advanced CCTV Solutions

    Protecting you from the Unexpected

    We have a wide variety of specialized CCTV Solutions that can be utilized for various residential, industrial and commercial security concerns.
    CCTV Installers

    Electric Fencing Solutions

    Residential, Industrial & Commercial

    VANDOLPH Security is an industry leader in the installation, repair and maintenance of electric fencing. Nemtek’s extensive range of quality and innovative security electric fencing products work to ensure the safety of your home. Our robust fences act as a deterrent to criminals, and provide you with advanced warning, should the fence be tampered with or compromised.

    We install a variety of specialized electric fencing products that can be tailored to suit your exact requirements. Whether you are a home owner or a business, we have the perfect solutions for you.

    Reliable & Effective

    Electric Fencing For All Needs

    Economical, reliable and effective designs have been our focus over the past ten years, ensuring exceptional electric fence performance on a daily basis.

    Nemtek’s range offers innovative solutions for many types of residential application, with numerous styles available so that you can choose an aesthetically-pleasing design.

    Gate & Garage Automation

    In a gate motor you are looking for reliability, sturdiness, strength and battery backup (very important for safety, blackouts and if there is restricted access into the property). Our preferred supplier is Centurion. With locally made products (for SA conditions) and easy access to spare parts it is the obvious choice.

    Built-in lightning and surge protection also means that an easy repair does not become an expensive replacement. Garage door motors are similar to gate motors with regards to strength, battery backup etc. Please enquire about your specific application – sectional, tip up or roll up.
    CCTV Installers  Part of the VANDOLPH GROUP

    Secure Your Property The Right Way!

    First-Line Defense Against Unwanted Access

    Knowing if you have done enough to secure your family and property is always a tough question to answer. At VANDOLPH Security, we understand the importance and expertise it takes to effectively implement the correct security measures to ensure your safety. Gate Automation is a first-line defense against unwanted access to your property.

    If you are unsure about the various options available, or if you would simply like to chat to one of our security experts, then please give us a call.

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