Experience True Comfort with COMFORT  by Cytech. Cytech Comfort

Cytech Comfort

An Intruder Alarm for the 21st century

VANDOLPH Cytech Comfort integrates Intruder Alarm, Home Automation, Voicemail and Intercom into an easy-to-use, convenient and affordable system. With todays technology, smart homes are not just for the rich.
Comfort allows you to control and monitor your Home Security, Home Appliances and lighting from any telephone, keypad, handheld remote control, iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, computer, or from the Internet. Its unique remote communication abilities allow you to remain connected to your home wherever you are – you can talk to visitors at the door, or hear your messages, and listen to sounds or activity in the event of an alarm.

Comfort is compatible with industry-standard home automation protocols like KNX, C-Bus by Schneider, Z-Wave and many more, so your home is not limited to a single technology or manufacturer.

Integration is the Key

Cytech Comfort’s Intruder Alarm system is the heart of the Intelligent Home. When the alarm in the home works with Lighting, Home Appliances, blinds, heating and cooling systems, the entire system can be much more useful and do a lot more  than having individual subsystems on their own.

For example;

  1. When leaving the premises and arming the security system, all lights, air-conditioning / heating, and appliances can be switched off.
  2. When the front door is opened at night, the living room light can be switched on
  3. When movement is detected in areas like the staircase, corridors, or kitchen at night, the lights can be switched on and switched off again when there is no movement.
  4. Outside motion detectors in the garden or driveway can turn on outside spotlights  and play a recorded warning message.
  5. Any alarm can switch on all internal and external lights as well as send SMS, or email or call to mobile phones.
  6. You can answer the doorbell and talk to  visitors from any phone or keypad, or  even from your mobile phone.
  7. Time programs can play music, or control lights, curtains or heating or play reminder messages at the required times of day.
  8. Doors and windows can be announced by name as they are opened.
  9. Highly customisable by Programmable Responses, able to set Scenes, control lights, appliances, set/unset the security system, play messages, with conditional If/Then/Else statements.